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Had You Ever Got Struck Into A Condition Where You Need To Find The Facebook Status/Photo/Video ID For Continuing That Work, Or Had Ever Used Any Site Which Needs Your Facebook Status/Photo/Video ID For Further Continuing...?

Thats Why We Have Created This Tool For You. Just Enter The Full Facebook Status/Photo/Video URL And Submit, Our Machine Humans Will Present Your Post ID To You Within Seconds.

Get Post ID - FAQs

How This Works?

Well, We Have Many Automated Humans Who Are Always Waiting For Your Request And When You Make A Request To Find Post ID, They Figure Out The Post ID From Your Given URL And Presents Back To You In Response.

Is The Post ID We Get Is Always Correct?

Yes, It Is Always Correct As Our Automated Humans Have Master's Degree In Finding Post ID. But, There Is Some Time When Our Automated Humans Get Hungry And Then You Can Get An Error.

How Many URL It Accepts Per Day?

Unlimited, But It Accepts Only One URL At A Time.

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